Choosing Gratitude.

Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices; my body also rests secure.
~Psalm 16:9
Yesterday’s devotion* struck a chord with me. It talked about how being dissatisfied with what we have, where we are and even who we are is encouraged by our culture. But really, I have what I need. It encouraged me to start a gratitude journal (that’s a practice I had for several years…and let go)…and to actively begin each day choosing gratitude.  Here’s what I wrote yesterday:
1. a good night’s sleep (finally!)
2. up dark early to hear the birds singing (love how Kym calls this “bird joy”)
3. Sunday mornings at my church – the liturgy, music, fellowship and message really feed my soul.
It’s a daily reminder that I am choosing gratitude.
*My daily devotion is from These Days, a quarterly publication from the Presbyterian Church.

7 thoughts on “Choosing Gratitude.

  1. Thank you for the reminder that it really is a choice. I cleaned out my yarn closet a few weeks ago and was both pleased and a little ashamed at how much great yarn I already have. It really pointed out to me that I also have what I need (a loving family, food, shelter, health…) plus so much more. I've been trying to be more grateful, less acquisitive, and share my blessings, and your post has struck a chord with me. Thank you!

  2. At times I have ended my day with a gratitude journal entry and it quickly becomes clear that I have enough. Before reading your post today, I was worrying about what I will cook tomorrow for supper at the Catholic Worker House where I volunteer every Tuesday. Your post reminded me that I should be grateful to share a meal with our guests (homeless women & their children, resident student volunteers & any neighbor who drops by). They always give me so much more in return!

  3. The day is full of possibility when there is "bird joy" in your ears and gratitude in your heart. The dawn chorus we're greeted by at this time of year is one of my favorite sounds.

  4. I was greeted by the birds of Mexico every morning last week and it was a beautiful sound. Finding gratitude in daily life is the key to happiness, I think.

  5. Keeping track of the simple things in life – those things that we're really grateful for! – is such a wonderful practice. I, too, used to keep a gratitude journal. Every once in a while, I return to doing that again. Always so grounding. 🙂

  6. I'm trying very hard each day to make thanks for all that I have. And really, it can be simple as a good night's sleep!

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