Beaufort 2014.

…my sister and I spent a lovely weekend away with our mom (and a bit with my dad and a dear family friend). We started the mother-daughter weekend tradition back in 2005 and this was our 6th visit to Beaufort. and maybe the best one yet. the weather was perfect. the food (and wine) was delicious. and of course the company was outstanding.

We share the driving; Karen usually drives down (since she’s faster and then we get there sooner!) It’s great knitting time for the passenger. I got two repeats of Traveling Woman chart A done before we arrived.

…and the good meals begin. This was our pre-dinner toast at Emily’s (which was followed by tapas, six plates!)

Saturday morning we took a leisurely walk through the historic district. Pretty views in all directions.

Saturday lunch at Wren’s with all of us (my dad and Charlie join us for Saturday lunch, we attend church together on Sunday and then share brunch after…otherwise, it’s just a girl’s weekend)

Sunday’s weather was even prettier. Slightly cooler with a nice breeze.

Sunday afternoon we pored through the contents of my mom’s jewelry box. She wants to be sure everyone gets the pieces they love. Lots of memories there! I added a few prizes to my collection of pins and will share them here soon.

Sunday night we ate at Saltus River Grill and finally had a good dinner photo.

I spent some time last week poring through photos from our five previous trips. And the blog posts  (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012) – love that I six of them now!

8 thoughts on “Beaufort 2014.

  1. It sounds like your weekend was perfect, with a bit of everything you love! My sister and I absolutely loved looking through my mother's jewelry boxes when we were young and hearing the stories associated with different pieces. When my mother passed away we split up her jewelry but I think we each got our favorite pieces. I got my mother's actual jewelry boxes and still love to spend time looking through them. I'm looking forward to seeing your pins!

  2. Such a wonderful tradition! You all look great and you look exactly like Katie these days! (Well I guess not exactly LOL!)

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! So glad you're able to have such a great family get-together each year. (I have such happy memories of "playing" in my mom's jewelry box — and having her share stories about the various pieces hidden in the depths. What fun.)

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