Ten on Tuesday | Fact or Fiction.

Carole’s prompt this week is a bit of April Fool’s fun. We’re sharing ten things about ourselves that may – or may not! – be true. Here’s my list:

today’s fmsphotoaday – “something purple”

1. I’ll start it out easy. I am best friends with an adorable little Schnauzer named Holly, who sported a purple gingham harness for our afternoon walk.

2. I made it to the final rounds of a 6th grade spelling bee and lost on the word “mayonnaise”.

3. I’ve visited 43 of the 50 states.

4. My best 18-hole golf score was above 100.

5. I am absolutely and completely terrified of spiders.

6. I have only seven sweaters worth of yarn in my stash (and one more “waiting in the wings” … not ready to count that one as stash yet).

7. Breakfast is my favorite meal and if I’m going to splurge, it’s eggs benedict.

8. I’ve never poached an egg.

9. Before Marc retires, I really hope to visit Asia with him.

10. After our May trip to Europe, the number of countries I’ve visited (outside the US) will grow from nine to 10.

Please leave a comment with the things you think are fiction (I’ll share the real answers later this week). Happy Guessing!

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8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Fact or Fiction.

  1. Hm, I'm guessing the only one that is false is #8, just because I think there are a lot of people who have never poached an egg.

  2. okay, so i've known you for 24 years, and I'm actually stumped on a few of these. I DO know the answer to #5! One's that are true- #1, #3, #4, #6 (doesn't include other stash!), #8, #10. #7 is tricky. Am surprised by #9, unsure about #2. I thought about doing this prompt, but didn't think I'd have too many guessers. Look forward to the reveal post!

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