Ten on Tuesday | Red Hearts.

…in honor of Valentine’s Day this week, Carole has us thinking about our favorite things that are red:

♥ Holly’s ruffled dress. It was the first red thing that popped into my head and, without a doubt, this is my favorite red thing!

♥ wine. Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Grenache, Zinfandel, Mourvedre…all good!

♥ my dining room wall. Love how the red shows off my collection of blue & white.

♥ cardinals. I know they’re mean, but they are beautiful, especially against a winter landscape.

♥ apples, roasted beets, a very rare steak, tomatoes, strawberries; I was surprised how many of my favorite foods are red!

♥ a summer pedicure with OPI Red.

♥ Bobbi Brown’s sheer red lipgloss.

♥ poinsettias.

♥ Renee Russo’s hair, especially in that island scene in The Thomas Crown Affair.

♥ maple tree’s leaves, in the fall.

Red is truly a year-round, all-around color. Food, flora, fauna, decor, make-up, clothing, knitwear…ruffles…

Now tell me, what did I leave off my list?

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8 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Red Hearts.

  1. Holly looks marvelous in her red dress! She must love it with all the cold and snow you're getting. Red food is good food. Red is the best color (next to blue).

  2. Splendid red dress – I have never seen one like this before! I might have to add roses, because they are, additionally, scented too.

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