Ten on Tuesday | Loving Winter.

captured just as I started typing this post

…I can’t help but wonder if Carole’s prompt this week – about Loving Winter – might’ve jinxed us. For the first time all season, we are supposed to get real snow today. The kind that sticks on the ground and makes a mess. Snow is one of my least favorite things about winter. I do, however, love many things about this season:

1. sweaters. all the knitwear. all the knitting. this is truly our season!

2. snuggling.

3. fires in the fireplace.

on the sofa table

4. candles and glittered pinecones.

5. comfort food, as in oven-roasted anything and hot soups, especially from the slow cooker.

6. beginnings.

7. the clean landscape. green leaves are pretty, but bare branches have a special beauty.

from this morning’s walk

8. my uggs and Holly’s pink coat. (that coat makes me smile every time!)

9. primroses.

10. …and spring is just around the corner!

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5 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday | Loving Winter.

  1. Years ago I was in Atlanta when it received 8" of snow. It shut everything down for a day or two as there was no way to deal with that amount of snow. As Utahan's we were amazed. Cozy-ing up in winter is the best way to enjoy and survive!

  2. Hoping that if you did get the real stuff, it hasn't stopped you from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. I love the lean spareness of winter too.

  3. i'm on board with most of your list. for me I'd rather be outside rather than in, i begin to feel emotionally smothered after a while. Sophie apparently loves the winter, so it's never a short walk, but a long leisurely stroll. So no matter how many layers, I feel like a popsicle.

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