Around Here | December.

…I spent much of yesterday sorting through this month’s photos – over 200 of them, thanks in part to daily prompts from both FatMumSlim’s (yes, I went back!) and Tracey Clark’s Picture the Holidays class. I’ve challenged myself with Tracey’s class to take all the photos with my “big” camera; it’s nice to have it back out on the counter again…and I’m delighted with many of the images. Here are ten of my favorites (in addition to the one I already shared), some of which don’t even have twinkle light bokeh!

Day 1 – Turning Over a New Leaf | the front of my house, framed with leaves

Day 2 – Reframing the Season | looking into the living room from the screened porch (three trees in sight!)

Day 5 – The View from Here | the same trees from Day 2, but from inside

Day 11 – Minimalist | in my neighbor’s front yard

Day 12 – All is Calm

Day 13 – Simply Divine | on our “big” tree

Day 16 – The Season of Lights | on the path by the lake in my neighborhood
Day 21 – Attitude Adjustment | all the yarn I had left to knit, so pretty with a twinkle light backdrop!

Day 25 – This Magic Moment | the table…after dinner
Day 27 – A Breath of Fresh Air | frosted berries from our morning walk

5 thoughts on “Around Here | December.

  1. Each one of your images evokes the season with beauty and calm. The frosted berries may be my favorite. Happy New Year to you and yours, Mary!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to dust off my big girl camera and stop relying on my phone for pictures.

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