Ten on Tuesday. Making a List.

…today Carole’s asked about our to-do lists. Quite contrary to my normal MO, I’ve been resisting getting all those things running around my head down on paper. But once I did, it wasn’t all that bad. We’ve scaled back a lot this year on gifts, and Marc’s been away for a week, so I’ve had extra time. I hope this feeling of relative calm lasts!

1. Holiday cards. We haven’t sent one in years, but Katie convinced me (and gave me a great coupon). I finalized the design and ordered them this morning. Plan to get them addressed, stamped and into the mail next week.
2. Daily December entries for Project Life. Scheduled for this afternoon. (I haven’t done a single one so far…)
3. Groceries. Related to Marc being gone for a week, the pantry and refrigerator are nearly empty. Must do. tomorrow.
4. Holiday sangria, birthday card and gift for a sweet friend who’s celebrating a milestone birthday this week. I’m hosting the party Thursday night, but everyone is helping with the food, so it really should be this easy.
5. Holly’s annual checkup. She’s out of heart worm medicine and her rabies vaccine expires this week. must do!
6. Sunday School lesson. It’s my turn to teach on Sunday.
7. Shop blog post. Yep, I am behind on two blogs, not just this one! (and if time permits, I’d really like to get this blog updated for the new season).
8. Post office. Two packages to mail. Thursday?
9. Homeland. I hadn’t watched a single episode of Season 3 til Saturday…and now I’ve seen all eleven, but need to re-watch that last episode before Sunday’s finale.
10. Knitting. of course. I haven’t finished any gifts, but three of the four I’ve planned are started.
With just two weeks to go, what’s on your list?

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6 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday. Making a List.

  1. Easy stuff is often overlooked for the larger picture and much of your list sounds doable. The check marks must be happening already!

  2. I didn't even put knitting on my list – I have bunches of projects to get done before Christmas. The holiday sangria sounds just yummy! Hope you get a lot crossed off your list while you have some alone time.

  3. Baking and bark making and wrapping. I'm going to hunker down over the weekend (snow yay for hunkering!) be in the spirit and let it rip!

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