…feels weird that it was just a few days ago because now twinkle lights abound, Christmas music is playing outright (instead of just when I’m alone in my car), we’ve watched Elf and The Holiday…and I’m behind on my daily December journal. yep, hello December!

But before I give this new month its proper welcome, I wanted to share a glimpse of my favorite November holiday.
Just us. 
Sara, Marc, Katie, Rob

delicious food.

still figuring out my new lens… it can focus really close!

(yes there were leftovers; this is some of what Katie & Rob took home)

delicious wine.

from Tablas Creek (and a tasting trip Katie & Rob made to Paso Robles a few years back) and Triseatum

and fun. even taking photos. yes, that’s Marc. and yes, those are smiles!

thank you Katie for these last two (in focus!) photos!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving.

  1. A slow paced Thanksgiving with family sounds heavenly and you all look so happy and content. The food looks marvelous. December has taken many of us by surprise. Hello winter!

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