By the Numbers.

…the story of this year’s 2-Day Walk.

Karen and I at the Opening Ceremonies in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

4. training walks of 10+ miles (until about four years ago, this would be a zero. we’ve learned!)

…along the way on Saturday

13. B’rest Stops along the route, including Saturday’s lunch. We try hard to make that also be the number of bottled waters we each drink. I think we managed that. (The folks in charge say this should also be the number of potty stops we make…we did about half that).

best sight of Saturday afternoon…about a mile before that “20 mile” sign above

15. combined years my sister and I have participated. She’s the 8 and I’m the 7. I can’t imagine doing this event on my own…and I hope I never have to. But kudos to Karen for her solo first year.

um yeah, much better together!

27. thank you notes written.

cool sight from Sunday morning; this is a new feature downtown

30. miles we each walked for this year’s event.

36. ounces of beer consumed after we finished the first 20 miles on Saturday.

Karen, Sara and I enjoyed a drink together before Saturday night dinner

450. miles we’ve walked for the event since we started.

at the finish line: Karen, my mom and me (holding the quilt my sister-in-law Lydia and her quilt club donated last year)

700-ish. miles my mom drove to finish the walk with us. This year, for the first time, survivors who couldn’t walk the full thirty miles could join us at the last B’rest stop to walk the half mile together. We were so glad to have her there; she’s the reason we started walking…and, together with my dad, our biggest supporter.

2,675. dollars we raised this year thanks to our generous family and friends.

20,690. dollars we’ve raised since we started.

That last number is amazing to us! We are blessed by your generosity. And oh so very grateful. Thank you!

We’ve already signed up for next year; neither of us can imagine not doing it. And numbers like this are wonderful encouragement.

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  1. these are impressive numbers and your generosity, kindness and dedication is uncountable. looking forward to next year's numbers.

  2. Gives me goose bumps. You GO! (And if you get this twice, just consider it double-congrats. I'm not sure where my first comment ended up…)

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