Ten on Tuesday. Embracing Autumn.

on our morning walk (#3 and #4)

Carole‘s prompt this week has us Embracing Autumn. Delightful timing since it seems autumn has finally arrived here in Georgia! It’s cooling off (remember all things are relative – we are supposed to have our first night in the 40’s later this week!) and the leaves are just starting to turn. Here are ten things I’m enjoying right now about this new season:

1. A new banner and colors here on the blog.

2. Holiday gift knitting (I actually started this two weeks ago…and I am hopeful this will finally be the year I’m not scrambling to finish on Christmas Eve!)

3. Walks with Holly. Those little legs and black fur don’t go far when it’s hot, but with morning temperatures in the 50’s and low 60’s, she’s good for more than a mile.

4. Long pants for walking and classes at the Y.

5. Fall colors on the trees.

6. Planning for the family birthday bonanza that begins next weekend (all five of us have birthdays between October 20 and January 27).

7. Red wine.

8. Homemade pumpkin spice lattes.

9. A dark purple pedicure.

10. Honeycrisp apples and fresh pears.

How about you? How are you welcoming the new season?

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7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday. Embracing Autumn.

  1. We have a BD bonanza in my family as well – certainly keeps you on your toes!Your pup is so sweet-looking, please give her a pat from me.

  2. #3 sophie is like solar cell when it's hot–#4 love yoga pants for walks and "lounging"–#7 FOR SURE. additionally anything pumpkin-apple spiced-breads, drinks, etc. and being able to stand outside for 5 minutes in the sun without rivers of sweat rolling down my back!

  3. Your list is great! We have that birthday-palooza thing from the end of June until the middle of July so I know how crazy it can get! Enjoy your cooler temps and all things pumpkin!

  4. Everything on your list is a reason to love this season. Our Moxie, even though he's up there in years, loves walking in cooler weather and I'm all about red wine and apples! 🙂 I think I'll even go for the darker color for my pedicure!

  5. I just opened some red wine this past weekend and it was wonderful change! And I'm moving to the dark mani this week too. Purple…sounds interesting!

  6. Love your new banner…especially the purple-blue-pink leaves. And I love your list. No sweet holly on my end to accompany me for walks but Norman works just as well. ;-)).Enjoy this season and welcome cooler weather – 57 degrees here!Cheers~

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