Ten on Tuesday. Home Sweet Home.

Carole’s prompt this week has us thinking about what we miss most about our own homes when we’re away.

1. Holly and Marc. I seem to have to leave one (or both) of them behind when I’m away. 
2. Coffee (brewed half regular and half decaf) with heated almond milk. It is my favorite way to start the day and I really only get it at home.
3. Knowing where everything is (or if I’ve forgotten, being perfectly ok with opening all the cabinets and drawers to search for it).
4. Toilet paper. (is it really weird that I love the brand I use that much?!)
5. My getting ready space. It’s efficient and I’m used to the light so my makeup routine works better.
6. My closet. (I mostly miss the options it presents, but living out of a suitcase isn’t great either).
7. The clock chimes at the quarter hours. That sound sets the rhythm of my time in the house.
8. Regular running routes. My go-to three, four and five mile routes all start (and end) at my front door.
9. The pantry. Almonds, walnuts, pretzels, popcorn, graham crackers, and granola bars. (yes, I’m a snacker!)
10. My knitting chair, with an ott-light floor lamp next to it. Comfort with perfect light for knitting and reading.

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9 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday. Home Sweet Home.

  1. I also miss the clock's quarter hour chimes, but didn't realize how much I was listening to and heeding their call until I was away for the month of August. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. me too, like knowing where things are, of course, if I'm going to spend a week or so in some place like say paris, i think i can do without the familiar "stuff" for a bit!

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