Happy Birthday!

…to my mom, who celebrates her big SEVEN-FIVE today! Since our family won’t be getting together until October for the party, I’m sharing our group photo from her 65th back in 2003.

(left to right) – Lydia, Steve, Sara, me, Andrew, Marc, PJ, Polly (the birthday girl), Roy, Paula, Karen, Ron, Jillian, Katie
and Wow, ten years makes quite a difference with all the grandkids*! Here they are last Christmas.
(left to right) – Jillian, Sara, Paula, Katie, PJ, Andrew
They have now all graduated high school and the two youngest have/will be starting college this month. (not to mention that the oldest is now married!)
Happy Birthday, Mother! Best wishes on your BIG day –  we are all very much looking forward to celebrating with you … soon!  xo – M.

*ahem, ten years also makes a big difference for the rest of us…honestly, I think we’re doing great, but I don’t have another group photo to prove my point!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. this is probably one of my favorite photos of "the kids". we may have a few more laugh lines and gray hairs, but i think we're a much better looking (and wiser) group now! happy birthday polly!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom! What a grand looking family. I am sure the October gathering and celebration will be super!Cheers~

  3. I love it! And I love how they are all laughing and enjoying each other. You can't ask for more! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

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