A Grace Note.

…my sweet friend Rella giving Holly one last snuggle as we said a long good-bye last week-end. Rella moved to Las Vegas this week for reasons that are full of grace and a strong reminder that family ties cannot be broken. I treasure her friendship and the love and laughter she shared with me and Holly. And who knows, this might just be the reason I’ve been waiting for…to finally see Las Vegas!

5 thoughts on “A Grace Note.

  1. Friends moving away can be heart breaking, but we can stay in touch in so many ways today. You DO have a new adventure in your future. You'll be amazed by LV.

  2. Change is hard . . . and scary . . . and adventuresome. All at once. Here's to friendship — across the miles or just down the street. So glad Rella is part of your life!

  3. It's can be so hard when a good friend moves. Here's a hug for the both of you, and here's to your adventure to Las Vegas!

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