Grace Note(s).

…despite the silence here about this year’s one little word, grace is still very much in the forefront of my thoughts, and occasionally my actions! The monthly exercises in Ali’s class continue to both challenge and inspire me; this blog post grew directly from our July activity and this quotation I shared back in January.

In July, we wrote our word on post-it notes and then used those notes to prompt actions, record thoughts, inspire, whatever. I made seven grace notes and stuck them on my desk. Yes, grace notes – literally! 
For one week last month, I used those notes to journal daily about grace. Thoughts, actions, sounds, sights, words, dreams…I was amazed how easy it was to fill up the seven notes. I’m not using post-it notes anymore; rather, on a weekly basis I thought I’d share my grace note here.
finally some blue sky…on our walk this morning

Sam beside me and the songs of unseen birds make me look up and around, make me notice the patches of blue sky between the dense branches. Maybe this is what grace is, the unseen sounds that make you look up.  I think it’s why we are here, to see as many chips of blue sky as we can bear.

-Anne Lamott, Plan B

(and a huge thank you to my dear friend Sandy for sending these words my way!)

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  1. Grace indeed! Love this post, especially the feeling…and Anne Lamott is an all- time fav. Inspired to follow your lead and periodically share my "le coeur" notes

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