2-day Time Again.

…Karen & I completed our first training walk for the 2013 2-day event this past weekend. This was one of the official 2-day walks, which meant there were snacks and water along the way, along with plenty of encouragement. We walked around Stone Mountain twice, which is about 10 miles.

of course I kept score!

There were lots of people out on that sunny Saturday morning. Walkers, runners, cyclists, cars…it was good practice for the actual walk that takes us through 30 miles of Atlanta…because cars!

But before we launch full-scale into the 2013 walk – which is going to be Karen’s 8th and my 7th (wow!!) – we have one last fun to-do for 2012. That’s right – prizes!!! Our sister-in-law Lydia and her very talented quilt club have again donated a quilt.

My photos don’t do it justice. It’s really beautiful (maybe my favorite one yet – I really love the yellows with the pinks, greens and black).

And Karen knitted a set of coasters.

pink & white of course!

Everyone who donated was entered into the drawing once and each $50 increment earned an additional entry. There were about 60 names in the hat.

First we drew for the quilt.

Congratulations Steve!

And then for the coasters.

Yay, Shari!

We wish we could give everyone a prize – truly, we appreciate everyone’s encouragement and contributions. Y’all mean so much to us and the dozens of organizations that receive support through your generosity. Thank you!

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