…Marc spent last week in China, five nights in five different cities. I was hoping the quick trip might mean less jet lag. Nope. He managed only about six hours of sleep the first two nights he was home (which means I managed about the same).

Last night it was time for drastic measures. Holly and I slept on the porch. The couch is actually pretty comfortable (especially when you’re tired) and the night was cool (we needed a blanket). Everyone’s in a much better mood after a good night’s sleep. Especially Marc, who left this message for me:

11 thoughts on “Camping?

  1. Cool air moving around you is worth sleeping anywhere! The heat is so oppressive and uncomfortable. One must do what one can to be comfortable. Good for you!

  2. I love sleeping "outside" like that, though I can really only accomplish it at my pal Mary's cottage. Welcome home Mark, and I really love that sign!

  3. ha ha! i love it, yesterday i was thinking about my "dream house", so imagine your main level, just a tad smaller (or not!) compete with the screened in porch so i could camp out too, would so love do be able to do this.

    1. a screened porch was never on my "dream" list, but it's been one of my favorite things about our new home – I love it!

  4. Now that sounds like camping I could manage! 🙂 (I actually think the jet lag is WORSE on shorter trips. . .)

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