Social Grace(s).

…whoa, I am delighted that so many of you are still reading – and taking the time to comment on – this blog! especially because I realized as I read those comments on Tuesday’s post that I hadn’t done a good job of letting y’all know what I’ve been up to while I haven’t been here.

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yep. our Katie is getting married. next Saturday. I cannot give her enough credit for all the planning and good sense (and good sense of humor) and practicality and consideration and compassion and love that she’s pouring into this event. but turns out simply being Mother of the Bride takes time. and energy. and patience. and composure. I am so very grateful that I have enough of these (most days anyway) to help. and most of all to simply be present.

Way back in January, as I was thinking about my one little word, May seemed so far away. I remember choosing social grace(s) a bit tongue in cheek. turns out it was the perfect focus. mind my manners. watch my tongue. and celebrate.

Katie and I met for a few hours this morning (after a 7am run…she’s still my favorite running partner hands down) to review the final to-do lists and lay out the hour by hour schedule for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s a busy week (especially for her since she’s not taking time off from her job until Thursday) but it works. I love that we’re starting both Thursday and Friday with 7am runs and if all goes well, we have a bit of time each day to just chill. The planners in both of us feel much better that we have it all mapped out (and it works!). And I hope it gives us the freedom to have fun and enjoy. and to celebrate.
…so there you have it. not an excuse, but a very good reason! I’ll be back soon. with photos. promise!

7 thoughts on “Social Grace(s).

  1. Such a happy and exciting time for your family! Running is great for stress relief and starting those days with it will make everything else seem easy-peasy!

  2. Yay! Have a wonderful, wonderful week. I'm going to plant my feet on the pavement Thursday morning in honor of you and Katie and love! 😉

  3. I figured THIS has been keeping you a bit . . . occupied! Thinking of you all, and sending best wishes for a wonderful week — and a stunning celebration on Saturday! HUGS!

  4. Although I so miss your blog entries, I imagine you and your family are having a wonderful and memorable time!! I hope it's a wonderful week and a lovely, fun-filled day on Saturday. All good wishes!

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