when the going gets tough.

…the tough stop sleeping and start counting the clock chimes at 2am, 3am, 4am…while thinking about new knitting projects. (startitis anyone?)


Maggiknits Linen, Habu Tsumugi Silk doubled and Tsumugi Silk single for Jane’s Tunic, Hane and Die-Cut Vest, respectively


Tsumugi Silk for the Die-Cut vest (which I’ve loved since I saw the latest Knit.Wear a few weeks ago), appears to be right on (first try – yay!)

and then casting on and knitting.

Jane’s Tunic with the Maggiknits Linen on size 9 needles (which feel like broomsticks after the 2’s, 2.5’s and 3’s I’ve been working on)

while catching up on two seasons missed of Game of Thrones.

I’ll admit that, so far, Game of Thrones isn’t done much for my sleep, but oh my, it’s good for when I’m awake! [for the record, I’m mid-way through the 6th episode of season one and I have grand plans to be caught up to season three by the weekend – a mere 15+ hours of TV to go!]

what projects are keeping you up at night? …and have you been watching Game of Thrones? are you hooked?

7 thoughts on “when the going gets tough.

  1. I don't watch that show but I keep hearing good things about it. They say electronics are one of the causes of insomnia, maybe you need to just knit and not watch stuff on the computer!

    1. Quite true… I can't "just knit", but I could turn on a book instead …. or watch something a little less exciting. like golf. or cooking 🙂

  2. I never in my life thought you'd be hooked on a series known for its dragons and abundance of female nudity.

    1. well….I haven't actually seen any dragons yet, but I did like Harry Potter. as for the nudity, I guess I'm getting immune (the violence still bothers me though)

  3. Haven't watched Game of Thrones. Don't usually let knitting keep me up at night. But I DO let it lead my daydreams (especially when I ought be doing something else).

  4. no knitting is keeping me up, but have 3 projects that are perfect for tv watching which makes me happy. excessive female nudity-i'll pass unless it gets toned down later on-just don't see how it adds to a show. glad the first try was successful and #9's- can't go wrong with that.

  5. Insomnia?! Not a problem for me. When are you sleeping? Maybe warm milk? Tho' a glass of wine usually heavies my eyelids…hope your sleepless nights cease soon!Cheers~

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