…first, thank you everyone who read – and especially everyone who commented on – my last post. your kind words and encouragement are certainly part of why I’m here and that positive reinforcement helps a lot. and now it’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m writing a blog post…so as not to leave anyone hanging on the outcome of…

the mending. I did whip that edge – about 2″ long – with a very sharp needle and a doubled strand of thread (I didn’t even have an exact match but decided the “blend” was good).

Like I responded to Kristen, I dreamed about it Thursday night and had a clear picture in mind of what I needed to do. It was actually very easy to secure the thread into the silk and then just wrap it around, back through a strand of silk, and around… until I’d covered the length of the cast-on edge. I took the photo for documentation. and of course (!!) I told the story yesterday (more than once!). but now, I think it’s over.

the finished piece is lovely.

the colors blend beautifully (pardon me if I do say so myself!)

and it’s very wearable.

yesterday’s outfit – khaki minnie pants and brown flats from j crew, t-shirt and jacket from CABi

there are more details on my ravelry page, but I think I used about 1,000 yards (quite a bit less than the 1,200 yards the pattern called for)…and of course on size 3 needles, it seemed like 2,000. seriously, those last few inches were 400/500+ stitches per row. I timed myself. 20 minutes per row. whoa. the bind-off was especially epic (I used that stretchy *K2tog TBL, move the stitch back to the left needle* that Stephen West suggests and I know that took at least an hour). of course, now that it’s done. I forget all that. but it may be a while before I start another epic knit!

8 thoughts on “mended.

  1. Excellent! The subtlety of the colors creates a sense of elegance and the silk fabric drapes beautifully. You'll love wearing this when the summer breezes are cool. Do you have cool summer breezes in Atlanta?

  2. What a beautiful combination Mary! So glad the mend was a success. And glad to see you back, it's always a wonderful place to visit!

  3. It is perfect, Mary! So worth the worry and the fix and the takes-forever cast-off. You'll love it forever.

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