instagrammed yesterday. on our morning walk

celebrating marc’s return this evening, just in time for valentine’s day.

hoping the rain is done for a few days. the blue sky we saw on yesterday’s walk lasted only about an hour. feels like 2013 has been one long slog of wet.

planning major grocery shopping lists for a girls’ weekend away.

practicing grace with a daily lenten devotional (starting today).

training (still) for a half marathon on march 17. diligently following the training plan I started in december.

enjoying fat mum slim’s photo a day challenge. it’s inspiring me to try some new things with my photos and I’m “meeting” lots of new friends on instagram.

reading the immortal life of henrietta lacks (on my kindle) and wolf hall (on audible). oh my. they’re both excellent! I have just an hour left (of 24) of wolf hall. can’t wait to see how it ends. [and should bring up the bodies be my next audible download? recommendations please!]

knitting dresden (just joined the third of seven skeins) and shibui mix no. 9 and the sallah cowl. and planning to cast on a pair of slippers for a charity project.

watching DOWNTON ABBEY! can’t believe the season finale is this weekend. it’s over way too soon.

listening to pandora. I started a new station this morning with the lumineers, mumford & sons, the killers, death cab for cutie and phillip phillips. just gave a thumbs up to adele and I think I might’ve finally gotten it right.

eating greek yogurt with dried cranberries, almonds and walnuts.

drinking hot tea. especially enjoying constant comment and yogi chai in teabags and bellocq chai in my brown betty.

wearing sweats…but planning on jeans and a sweater after my run.

5 thoughts on “currents.

  1. great update, am hoping there's no rain on our drive friday. for some reason i keep thinking today is thursday, i've been doing it since monday 0.o must be all the rain.

  2. What a lovely photo…I would love to see blossoms at this time of year! On my walk this morning, I noticed daffodils poking through the soil, so spring will be here soon.

  3. Hmmm. I tried to comment but Blogger crashed. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the link to the photo prompts, I can really use that right now. And also, your list is great and full of awesome stuff like greek yogurt and Marc coming home and marathon training. I'm jealous of your flowering trees, though.

  4. (I'm just going to ignore that flowering tree for the moment. . . ) So much good stuff, Mary! Definitely . . . Bring Up the Bodies next. (Although it's not nearly as good as Wolf Hall. Almost. But not.)

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