how quickly things change.

…oh yeah. y’all know this all too well. but it kind of slapped me in the face (in that only-for-fun way, promise!) and made me pay attention in the last 24 hours.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw this late yesterday afternoon.

raveled here

Yes, that is a sweater. for me. and it will be a true finished object as soon as it dries and I can sew on the buttons. tomorrow I hope because I have plans to wear it on Friday.

and then this morning, you saw this.

raveled here

Like Martha said, I’m cranking out the projects.

…and planning new ones. at a rapid rate. Here’s my queue on Ravelry:

my current queue on ravelry

Yep, I bought three patterns yesterday. and today I bought yarn. and swatched and cast on for that first one.

#1 – Dresden, using Fibre Co Savannah DK

and took nice glamour shots of the three next-up ones in my queue.

#2 – Garance, using the suggested yarns – fiber and color ways!
#3 – Silk Cloud Pullover, using Kidsilk Haze from (deep 2007) stash
#4 – Eternity Scarf, using Shibui Heichi (what I’ll have left once I finish Garance)

It was only three short weeks ago that I wrote about feeling different about my knitting. and I do still feel different about my knitting. there’s only one “all new” (new yarn and new pattern) project (Dresden) in that short list of next-ups. I did have to buy three skeins of silk cloud for the Garance and of course those three patterns… but still. I know I can really use all of these pieces. and I specifically chose the color for Dresden to pair well with tops and bottoms I already own. (yes, that’s a new thing for me!)

I’m curious to see if/how this sticks. will it last? or will I be frogging projects in favor of new patterns by this time next month? we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “how quickly things change.

  1. I just cast on the Eternity scarf…like your choice of yarn so much better than mine…but mine is for a teenage girl who lives with her dad so I needed something easy to wash…so berroco vintage it is. Love all your choices!

  2. That's the way it is with knitting . . . ebb and flow. Looks like you're flowing now, Mary! Lovely projects, all1

  3. The cardigan is looks like the style of sweater that will be worn often and become a favorite. Not to throw you for a loop but the new BT collection is pretty fabulous. It quickly mixed up my queue.

    1. Debbie, thank you – and note that it took me THREE months from start to finish. but most of the knitting was done in the last 3 weeks of the project (funny, projects don't get finished unless you take them out of the bag and actually work on them!)

  4. Well, I can see why those are in the queue! Especially the Dresden, especially. The sweater you have just finished is gorgeous and looks superb on you; wear it in great health. I so love the tea cozy ~ just makes one want to snuggle up with a good book and a nice tray of tea and goodies. Knit on!Cheers~

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