ten on tuesday. in my car.

…as in things I always have in my car. here goes:

originally blogged in July 2011

1. Holly’s car-seat (if she’s not riding shotgun, I still have it in the trunk, unless Holly’s going to a sleepover).
2. knitting. because one never knows when one will get stuck someplace and need something to do.
3. chapstick.
4. gas receipts.
5. a pen.
6. my car’s manual
7. and service receipts
8. and registration

and two I don’t always have, but should
9. grocery bags
10. an umbrella

ok this one wasn’t too embarrassing! a little bit quirky for sure but nothing all that weird. what things are always in your car?

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11 thoughts on “ten on tuesday. in my car.

  1. Here's what happens with the umbrella: It's raining so I use it to get to my house or office and then I leave it there and forget to put it back in the car.

  2. I forgot to mention the registration and owners manual. Three years later and I still have to refer to that darn thing to figure out things in that car!

  3. holly looks so cozy! i need to keep chapstick in my car, cause i'm always looking for it in my purse. my bike rake is always "with" me, except today it's off cause my car needs washing. owners manual, registration, insurance card, grocery bags, umbrella, bike lock-check check.

  4. The things one learns from a simple list: never knew there were car seats for doggies…but it makes sense. Holly looks so cute (in hers). To the list I'd add: 1) hand sanitizer; 2) gloves for pumping gas…I go to the dollar store and get those cotton 'gardening' ones; and 3) a blanket, especially if I'm driving the Benz with its leather seats that are c-o-l-d in the winter;-)).Cheers~

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