10 goals for 2013.

…katie asked me last week if was making any resolutions for the new year. I quickly replied “no”. and  shortly thereafter stumbled across an inspired idea to collect knitting resolutions and blog about them…and of course I had to participate. so that was three.

my knitting goals for 2013 (see #1-3)

and then yesterday carole asked about ten. and what the heck. I guess I’m in!

1. knit something for someone else for every something I knit for me.
2. steek a sweater (likely this one – and most of my sunday students are going to try it, too – love that they’ll hold me accountable!)
3. work to a smaller stash…with nothing “new” from 2013.

4. fill up two project life albums with weekly spreads.
5. participate in my third year of ali edwards’ one little word class (more coming on that soon…I’m still putting the finishing touches on last year…more coming on that soon!)
6. take 365 daily photos based on chantelle’s prompts. 

7. train for and run a half-marathon at a 10-minute mile pace (we’re signed up for a march 17 event – once I see how that goes, I’m planning to make a longer-term goal).
8. read mere christianity.
9. do something fabulous with marc to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

10. revitalize the church’s prayer shawl ministry.

there are also the big things of katie and rob’s wedding and my mom’s 75th birthday…but those aren’t all mine. and well, neither is #9. but it needs to be on my list to ensure it actually happens!

I look forward to the accomplishments we’ll all see…and the encouragement we’ll share. I’m sure it will be required. and welcome!

7 thoughts on “10 goals for 2013.

  1. Have fun with your goals! Recently, my 14 year old niece told me how much she enjoyed "Mere Christianity". Talking with her made me want to read it again and it is on my list for 2013.

  2. Fabulous goals! I'm in Ali's class for the first time, too! Just this morning I figured out how I am going to set up my intentions! yay!

  3. …I think we should do a read-along for the book. will give this more thought. Love how many have read and loved…and how many want to read it.

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