2012 favorites.

…inspired by sara to share my favorites for this year. it’s a fun way to look back. and it really does make me realize (yet again) what a wonderful year it has been. thank you to everyone who’s reading this for being part of it!

of course sara told her story in words, but I’m telling mine in pictures*.

favorite photo of the three of us.

three of us.

favorite photo of the two of us.

237:365 really?

favorite photo of the two of them.

354:365 giggles.

favorite person to hold my hand for a 30-mile walk.


favorite dinner when marc’s away.

300:365 dinner for one.

favorite thing I knitted for a baby.

273:365 wordless wednesday.

favorite thing I knitted that surprised me. this one is also a favorite because it’s for someone at the nursing home. and knitting with the ladies there on thursday afternoons is one of my favorite blessings of the year.

the pig has flown.

favorite cocktail party.

366:365 the cocktail party.

favorite thing(s) I knit for someone else.

12 hats for charity

favorite thing I knitted for myself.

panoramic stole

favorite field trip.

134:365 cross creek.

favorite recipe I created.

pimento cheese

favorite purchase.

331:365 new keys.

favorite long-time documentation habit. (I’m now into year seven and journal #17.)

233:365 14 ends. 15 begins.

favorite new documentation habit.

211:365 project life.

favorite iphone app.


favorite tv show. and how cool that I watched the first two seasons on my laptop. (this was a hard choice… I also considered boardwalk empire, homeland and mad men but DA wins because I share it with all my girlfriends. and because it has maggie smith.)

57:365 downton abbey.

and one last shout out to my favorite book of 2012, erin morgenstern’s night circus. apparently, this one never made it to my flickr feed!

*click the photos to see them in flickr and read a little more about them.

9 thoughts on “2012 favorites.

  1. What a fabulous way to look back on your year! (Again. . . you inspire. . . and I may have to copy.) 😉 Happy New Year, Mary. I look forward to sharing the upcoming year with you.

    1. Thanks, Kym – it was a very fun way to spend a few hours on New Year's Eve! and Woo Hoo! I FINALLY got threaded comments to work!

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