ten on tuesday. must-get photos.

352:366 atop the bird tree.
a favorite ornament sitting near the top of our bird tree

…with just a week (yikes, really?!, only seven days?!) left ’til christmas, this week’s prompt “favorite things to photograph at christmastime” is going to help me actually remember to take all those “must-get” photos!

1. our family. we have way too few of these. plenty of me with the girls, but ones with marc are rare. this year, I’d especially like a new one of just me and marc.

2. our tree(s!).

3. a favorite ornament, or two, or three.

4. baked treats.

5. gifted knitting, especially modeled by the recipient (especially if she smiles).

6. bokeh twinkle lights. bonus points if it includes a cocktail. or a candle.

7. our house from the outside. especially if it snows.

8. starbucks holiday decor.

9. stockings.

those first nine came quick and I struggled a bit with #10. and then it came to me…

10.  laughter.

I’ve got a bit more work to do on capturing these ten for this year…but this is one to-do I’m happy to tackle with all my energy. thanks, carole – perfect timing!

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