project life weeks 38 and 39.

…aka december daily days one through fifteen. I decided I wasn’t going to do a stand-alone december album this year (hard decision – the five albums I made for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are some of my favorite scrapbooks) but instead would simply be sure to include something in my project life album for every one of the 31 days.

here are the spreads for these last two weeks.

week 38 – december 1 – 8 
week 39 – december 9 – 15

my approach was to simply start in the upper left and move through the left side and then the right side until I had all the spots filled. huge surprise to me, I made both weeks work without having to omit anything I really cared about…or add in something that seemed like just filler.

some days – like last saturday when we went to the concert filled up a lot of spaces (half of the right side of last week’s spread).

but other days, it’s just something simple. like a napkin with some journaling.

left – a screen shot from itunes with this year’s top 12 list; right – lydia gave me these napkins for my birthday and they are perfect for holiday knitting, don’t you think?
or the church bulletin with the prayer of preparation cut and pasted.

and how fun is it to take up three spots to remember that week 39 will also be known as homeland week (I watched one more episode on thursday to get to that crazy 14 episode count!).

seeing this come together has made me even more excited (yes, I guess that was possible!) to continue this project for 2013. one of those cards from week 39 talked about me buying the clementine core kit for next year – wonder how it will be to use “real” project life supplies?!

5 thoughts on “project life weeks 38 and 39.

  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see how your 2013 album unfolds – especially with the kit! 🙂

  2. i like how you incorporated december daily with the album. i'm getting excited about project life 2013, am collecting a "file" of inspiration and ideas. look forward to stealing some of yours.

  3. Great job! I am undecided about PL for 2013. I have all the stuff, but didn't do well with PRL. I guess I have nothing to lose though. Cathy Zielske had a video on her blog with tips that may help me. I am also considering One Little Word.

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