the christmas tree(s).

334:366 a date.…yes he did. and that was really sweet. tomorrow afternoon. a tree and a wreath (and trimmings so I can decorate the two mantels and the dining room).

but then tonight as we were talking about specifics and I said I also wanted to get two more artificial trees – one for the front porch and one for our advent calendar, he got all “what – five trees?!”

yes. five. I’m willing to give on the one for the porch, but the four for inside I feel pretty strongly about.

it’s all the decorating I really do. well, besides those trimmings.

one big (live) tree.
a tree for my bird ornaments.
a tree for our holiday words.
a tree for our “advent calendar” (this was “live” last year, but I want lights…and I think a small artificial tree is a good investment here).

just four. perfectly reasonable, right?!

7 thoughts on “the christmas tree(s).

  1. 5 is just so much more even than 4, you can hold up one hand and say "we have 5 (finger spread) trees, and you won't have to remember.

  2. I think if you're willing to do the work then it's perfectly reasonable. I don't really love the whole tree thing, I'm more about lights and greens. We have 1 tree and I'd gladly not even have that. I know, I'm awful.

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