five things.

365:365 eight thirty pm.
8:30 pm thursday

1. I’ve seen a few five things friday posts pop up in my google reader. seems like a great idea…and sounds so much more planned than what it really is…a random list of five things!

2. the kitchen island is my new favorite place in the house. it’s big enough that even my big messes don’t fill it up! and the light is great. and it’s in the middle of things so when marc’s home, we can spend time together (most nights he’s got his laptop open on the kitchen table, or he’s on the couch watching tv – the island is talking distance to both).
3. my friend virginia came over last night. we shared a bottle of wine and talked for a few hours. it was wonderful to catch up. and she brought me that treat-filled (a gorgeous frame, vera bradley jumbo binder clips and a starbucks card – yes, she knows me very well!) pink bag for my birthday. 
4. yesterday’s plans went completely by the wayside when we discovered on wednesday that our heat didn’t work. I got things shuffled around (including an all-important hair appointment) and the heat is now fixed and today’s schedule is super busy. holly & I are going for a walk, my parents are coming for  lunch and a look at the new house, I’ve got another all-important waxing appointment this afternoon, and a manicure.
5. good thing there’s an extra day in my 50th year…I’m needing every last minute!

5 thoughts on “five things.

  1. Happy for you that the heat got fixed! Like the idea of 5 things…fun, fast and done! Enjoy the island, it is convenient and versatile. Great weekend in store. Hurrah!Cheers~

  2. love the island, what a great central nesting spot. 🙂 hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend! xxoo

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