10 things I love to do on the weekend.

…ahh…weekends. Calls to mind that wonderful Maggie Smith line from Downton Abbey.
 it’s clip 2, right around the 30 second mark.
Of course we know all about weekends. This week’s topic is ten things we love about them; here are mine:
1. Time to catch up with Marc over early morning coffee. Monday through Friday he’s out the door before 6am with a travel cup. Saturday and Sunday we sit together at the kitchen table and enjoy a leisurely cup or three.
2. Cooking. We eat mostly leftovers (and popcorn 🙂 during the week, but Saturday and Sunday nights almost always means “a real meal”.
3. Sharing a fun bottle of wine.
4. A long walk in the park with my camera (haven’t done this in months…maybe this weekend?)
5. Church on Sunday morning.
6. Zumba!! 8am on Saturday morning.
7. College football on TV (and knitting).
8. Golf on TV (and knitting).
9. Going out with friends for lunch or dinner. 
10. Seamless Sweater class on Sunday afternoon. Over the past 2-1/2 years, it’s morphed into more of a bring-your-own project class, but it’s still mostly sweaters. The conversation is always entertaining…and it definitely inspires my knitting!
…and now I can’t wait til Saturday! Thanks for a fun topic, Carole!
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4 thoughts on “10 things I love to do on the weekend.

  1. i believe that line will live in infamy-classic. our lists are almost identical (again!). i'd include the wine and tv knitting time as well. here's to a upcoming weekend with NO have-to's!

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