10 things I love about september.

293:365 potential.
“potential”. here on flickr.

1. potential. this was the first word that came to mind when I thought about september. a new school year. a new season. everything seems new and full of possibilities…and then I saw the rhodie bud. potential.

2. getting back into a routine. now that I’m not running by the school calendar, it seems weird that so much does go on pause over the summer. I’m ready to start back!

3. cooler temperatures. I actually had goose bumps on my arms when I walked holly this morning. goose bumps. outside. smile.

4. figs.

5. red wine. I will drink it during the summer, but only if I’m someplace really cool. thanks to #3, that means just about anywhere come september.

6. college football. it’s really the only sport I’ll make plans to watch. and of course it’s great for knitting.

7. baking. honestly, even turning on the oven is a big deal. I especially love baking with fall fruits. apple pie. pear crisp. plum coffeecake. (ooohh, and can you smell the cinnamon?!)

8. wearing jeans. it’s just been too hot (those cute white denim capris aren’t jeans… I mean the dark blue kind that goes all the way to the ground).

9. thinking about the holidays. what we’ll cook. who hosts what. before we have to actually make real plans for any of it.

10. thinking about holiday knitting. I’d like to actually start doing some of it this month. but for now, just thinking about it is fun enough.

look forward to seeing what everyone else loves about september.  thank you, carole, for another fun topic!

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7 thoughts on “10 things I love about september.

  1. Yes, September is pretty wonderful! Gosh, I'd forgotten about jeans! I tend to hold off as long as possible for jeans . . . all the way to the ground. (Also socks. . . and shoes that cover my entire foot. . .) 🙂

  2. the summer and beginning of school was very different this year-guess it's getting me ready for when andrew goes to college. i like the idea of potential-OLW for 2013?

  3. still not cool enough for me and the jeans, yet…but soon. i've also been thinking about going the skirt route – for comfort. Love the list. I can smell those things in the oven.cheers~

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