project life week 23.

…I love this project. and I love it even more when I stay with it. caught up as it were.

here’s the in process shot.

287:365 project life week 23.

it looks calm, doesn’t it? and yes, it felt that way, too. not sure if this is a new trend, or just something special for last week, but I’m open to either!

here’s the finished spread.

click these photos to see them larger…maybe clearer?

and two of my favorite details.

first up, a screen shot of our new (not-tied-to-our home-phone!!!!) security system monitor…and a bit of journaling about that. yes. we were paying $34 a month for home phone (that no one uses/needs) and $18 a month for security monitoring. now we’re paying $34 a month for that wonderful alarm monitoring/application on my phone (!!!) and $25 for ALL the tv channels + 2x faster internet. net net = +$7. even marc is proud of me!  [I probably should’ve captured more of that story in the journaling, but … I didn’t :-)]

another great story… I finally met marc’s golf buddies and their wives for dinner saturday night. and I had a wonderful time. we need “couple friends” and I think this is a great start. the comments from my girlfriends about the whole thing really lifted me up.  I hope he meets them soon!

8 thoughts on “project life week 23.

  1. Love it Mary! And I get you on the couple friends…I made a real effort to get them for Doug and I in the last couple of years. As we know in our "old age" it can be interesting!

  2. kudos on your continuing success with staying on track with Proj Life…and thanks for the reminder about the home phone/security system. that's on my list to do too; made the first step but haven't switched over…enjoy your new couple friends group.

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