10 things to do at the beach.

…life interfered with my plans yesterday, so I missed ten on tuesday. this, then, is ten on wednesday morning…and I’m hoping to be back on track with wordless wednesday before today is over. thanks for hanging in there with me!

thanks, carole, for yet another fun topic…and reminding me I must get a beach trip planned for 2013!!

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1. watch the sunrise. early morning is one of my favorite times. combining it with a gorgeous sky, a cup of coffee, my journal (and my camera) gets me in a good place to enjoy the rest of the day.

our last sunset

2. watch the sunset. while the sunrise is most often a solitary thing, sunset is the party to start the evening. best enjoyed with friends (and family!), a carafe of wine, on a blanket just by the water’s edge.

3. read. a few of our summer trips coincided with the release of harry potter books. it was great fun to have the freedom to read, and read, and read…and then have others to discuss the story with. my sister and I would judge the success of our vacation by the height of the read pile of books. most years our piles were at least a foot high. of course now with the kindle, that doesn’t work the same, does it?

morning walk at the beach

4. walk.


5. ride bikes.

6. play in the waves.

world wide knit in public day

7. knit.

8. watch people.

9. eat.

a walk on the beach

10. take photos!

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4 thoughts on “10 things to do at the beach.

  1. Excellent list – can't believe I didn't include taking photos on mine! And I agree that sunset is the perfect time for cocktails on the beach.

  2. I didn't make it to the beach at all this summer…your photos are stupendous and I guess they are the closest I'll get this year.thx for sharing

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