project life week 20.

…I’m sure I worried more than anyone else that I just didn’t get around to this last week*! I did edit and print – and even pick up! – the photos. but I just didn’t have the time to pull it all together. until tonight. marc’s away and I planned this evening of #projectlife back on monday. seems like the perfect way to spend an evening alone (of course there’s holly, and wine. and popcorn, but still!)

I can’t believe this was just three weeks ago.

left side

right side ( I couldn’t get anything remotely ok with a full-page spread and the overhead light. sorry!)
before sara was home…and then gone. olympics was 24/7. nothing cast on and nothing new started. even the weather seems like a dream (I guess that’s one of the things I love about this project – it lets me remember all that stuff ). 
and especially the little details. like the opening prayer on sunday. how I folded hundreds of pairs of kids’ underwear (because I’m sure I’ll want to remember that, right?!) and that lovely silk scarf tied around my oh-wow-is-it-raining-again curly hair…
and staying up way too late (after an early evening latte) to read the last hunger games because I promised sara I would (before she got home from oxford) and the bottle of wine marc bought for saturday night because he’ll be playing golf with the winemaker (tom klein – not blurred on purpose) on his next trip to california.
nothing that important in the big scheme…but fun nonetheless to remember about this one week on our lives. 
I do love this project!
*and my grand plan to do week 20 and week 21 tonight fell through this morning when I realized there was no way I could get all of week 21’s (last week) photos edited, uploaded and printed before 9am. oh well!

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  1. love the different memories you've included. makes it so much more interesting than just documenting the big occasions.

  2. Really like that D page protector…and the contents thereof…it *is* fun to include all the little stuff that makes up our lives.Cheers~

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