my 10 favorite ways to eat tomatoes.

…aahhh, another topic inspired by summer garden bounty. I wish I had more. truly, tomatoes are one of may favorite foods and fresh from the garden?! oh my.

not that I needed much, but I did find good inspiration on my flickr page. yeah, 50+ images of tomatoes in the past five years 🙂

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1. caprese salad. that one above is from bryant park grill in nyc and it’s my favorite from a restaurant but we make a pretty mean one at home. simply sliced tomatoes, layered with fresh mozzarella, with a pile of fresh greens tossed in the middle (lightly dressed with a champagne vinaigrette). and a few slices of fresh bread to soak up the goodness that ends up on the plate.

2. roasted on a caesar salad. or simply roasted. this is my favorite caesar salad hands down. I make the dressing even if I don’t do the rest…and I love those tomatoes on any salad.
3. empty nesting BLT’s. the second photo above and honestly, not something I ever thought would be a favorite. but it is. something about friday/saturday night perhaps?
4. in salsa (oh my fresh is fabulous, but I haven’t made it in years!!) … and of course with fresh chips and a margarita.
5. in dressing. I posted about tomato basil vinaigrette last summer. and I’m reminded how much I love it. and need to make it again.
6. thinly sliced. especially on a pizza.
7. sandwiched with swiss cheese. in rye bread. grilled.  (this was my treat of choice when I was pregnant with katie 25+ years ago)
8. thinly sliced. on a bagel spread with whitefish. 
9. mick’s tomato soup (a fond memory from 20+ years ago…I googled it to find the recipe…looks genuine. and I hope it is)
10. tomato cobbler. the only dish on this list I haven’t made. but I hope to. soon. because blue cheese biscuits are just meant for roasted tomatoes!
…hope to find a few new tomato ideas from y’all…and maybe I’ve inspired you to try a few new ones!

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  1. oh my! i'm so hungry now! the grilled cheese sounds scrumptious, and i heart anything with a biscuit!!

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