project life. week 19.

…week 19 ran july 22 through july 28. I finally added a a few strands of yarn to my journal band (yes! I finished projects!), katie & I had a fun dinner out at ecco…and the ravellenic games (aka “knitting along with the olympics”) began in high style at the shop. here’s the spread.

click the photos to see them larger. that lower right shot is from the shop’s flickr page (here) and most of the others are on mine.

and two closeups. first up, completely not olympics related. love the iphone screen shots for capturing memorable words with friends moments 🙂 and my first real yoga class. funny. I picked my pilates studio because they offered vinyasa flow classes (which is what katie recommended) but it took me nearly two months to take a class. I did enjoy it, but it cuts deep into my saturday morning and I don’t think I’ll be able to make it a routine.

…and then completely olympics related. the huge celebration at the shop for the start of the ravellenics games. and the very fun tweet conversation with sara…who was in england watching the ceremonies live. (have I mentioned here before? I love twitter!)

yeah, oops, I neglected to screen shot the twitter exchange til early this week – it did happen between 4 and 5 pm last friday!

…and so another week done. (thank you for hanging in with me…seriously, the commitment to post here each week motivates me…and I love that you’re following along!)

7 thoughts on “project life. week 19.

  1. a week jammed packed with GREAT stuff! something to share when the grandkids come along too. i hope sara knows we all enjoyed her tweets that day-happy soggy monday.

  2. And I concur with all of the above…as I said in comment to previous post – sortof mixed up my thoughts, there – less is more when it comes to PL, I'm thinkin'…

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