10 good deeds from the past week.

…I make it a point to not look at anyone else’s post before I do mine. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much good we did in the world this past week! (thanks carole – this was an awesome topic…especially because it impacted others!)

here are 10 good things I did the past week:

258:365 georgia voter.

1. voted in my county’s primary election, which was today. there was one item about metro atlanta transportation improvements and a new 1% sales tax to support it. marc and I feel strongly about the issue…so we voted. (I’ll also say that I felt very uninformed about nearly everything else…need to study up before november!)

2. volunteered at the foster care center.

3. dropped off two bags of men’s and women’s clothing at north fulton community charities for their thrift store.

4. washed all four loads of clothes, and folded them, and put them away. before marc had to step in.

5. remembered to bring my own bags for all three of the shopping trips I made last week.

6. volunteered with the knitting group at the roswell nursing home.

7. dropped off marc’s shirts…and remembered to pick them up when they were ready (the very next day).

8. kept a smile on my face…and in my voice…for every one of the shop’s customers (this is harder than it sounds).

9. way overtipped the starbucks team who always gets my “tall bold with a little non-fat milk, a stopper and a napkin” just right.

10. paid the toll for the car behind me.

a few of these are things I do most weeks, but a few are things I don’t. but now will make a point of. it feels good to do good.

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7 thoughts on “10 good deeds from the past week.

  1. You did so many nice things! I am going to make a conscious effort every week to do a little extra. It was a great topic for 10 on Tuesday and I hope we made people stop and think about it.

  2. Wow – this is such an inspiring list! Good for you! I'd love to come with you to volunteer – if we can go on a weekend day. As I was reading through this list – wondering how you had the time – I remembered – there's always enough time for the important things in your life, right?

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