project life week 18.

(but first, a quick response to the questions from yesterday’s post. it’s the chaperone.)

…and now to project life. here’s week 18, which ran from july 15 to july 21.

click the photos to see them larger (and maybe clearer)

apparently this week was heavy on the booze. it certainly didn’t seem like it, but I guess my ephemera and photos tell their own story! (one I didn’t even notice until I sat down yesterday morning to pull it all together.) I did think about editing out one – or two – of those frames, but in the end, I kept them all.

here are close-ups of two of my favorite parts:

the beer story is especially “me”. or maybe I’m not the only person who’s not embarrassed to admit I drink “winter” beer on a hot july day, four months past the bottle’s “best by” date?

and this good reminder to stay focused. the end of a fabulous book. and a free latte…mixed in with a bottle of red wine (first tried a few weeks back and a new favorite).

new project life lessons:
1. I can’t figure out an efficient way to work with paislee press’s journaling cards. they’re all on one page and I only want to use one. and recolor it. and probably rotate it. spent an hour on the “story” and “photo”cards. ugh.

2. I like having different layouts on the two sides. most of the project life spreads I see online use layout A 99% of the time (layout A is the one on the left this week). that said, I might like having just the two layouts I used this week, as opposed to all the different ones they make.

3. even though I didn’t start working on the pages until yesterday, I didn’t feel stressed at all. I think because I knew I had planned time yesterday/today to do it…and that I could get it done in that time (well, except for that unplanned hour on the two journaling cards – which means I’m four rows behind where I wanted to be on my color affection 🙂

5 thoughts on “project life week 18.

  1. sometimes a cold beer is just the ticket. have to ask what sweater are you wearing in the photo with karen? newly finihsed?! and am SO relieved it wasn't 50 shades!!!

  2. I'm with Carole. . . beer never lasts long in our house, either! :-)This is such a lovely project, Mary. Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse of your life.

  3. Congrats on the new spreads…feels good to be "up to date'"Right! (tho' I wouldn't know…still a tad behind, am I) Love the reviews of the libations…Cheers~

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