10 great things about a farmer’s market.

…what a great topic for a summer tuesday – thanks, carole! this one got me thinking in all different directions, but my flickr stream helped me focus.

images from farmers markets I’ve visited in the past few years…in oregon, ny and georgia

fresh, local, variety, colorful, encouraging me to try new things, community, economical, healthy, fun…and great photo opportunities.

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9 thoughts on “10 great things about a farmer’s market.

  1. I love snapping photos while I shop at the Farmer's Market! Great photo opps at every turn. Lovely, Mary!

  2. The farmer's market here is today (obviously so excited)! Huge baskets of the sweetest cherry tomatoes for only a pound! And La Boqueria in Barcelona was a-mazing.

  3. what beautiful photos! that should be framed on the wall. i heart the farmer's market!

  4. makes my mouth water. the one's in france were spectacular as well. makes me want my own year round veggie garden.

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