the knitting tale of the fourteenth journal.

…no it’s not a page turner. and it’s definitely not one of my coveted 5 star reads. but when I closed out my fourteenth journal this morning, I was certainly curious.

233:365 14 ends. 15 begins.
journal #14 … the yarn story

back on february 12 when I started it, here’s what I wrote:

I hope journal #14 tells a similar story about knitting for others. but maybe not knitting quite so much. and definitely getting back to sweaters. we’ll see.

knitting the fourteenth journal
journal #14 …the project story

today, I tallied the results.

*20 projects – one less than last time
*7 for others – three less…but this time didn’t include the rogovin birthday cycle or christmas (but I do have five charity hats in that total – that’s good!)
*7 “sweaters”… and I have two on the needles now. I think that slump is definitely behind me.
*9,912 yds = 5.63 mi ~ 1/2 mile more than last time – oops!…but it felt like less.

funny, I knit more yards but it felt like less. and I’m not really sure why (especially because those last few silk/linen projects did a number on my neck/shoulder..and my nails!)  I’d like to think it’s balance. I’ve added a few more things to my schedule (good things, like lunches with katie, and pilates, and more volunteer work) …but maybe it’s really just that the 14th journal took me 146 days, and the 13th was just 131? a two week difference? yeah, I’d believe it. same pace. at a much different time of year. I still need to slow down.

and maybe I will. I started journal 15(!!!!) with a currents list. and of course it didn’t fill up the whole page so I added…thoughts about hopes and dreams and all the good things I’ll see before I turn 50 in november. know that I’m knitting because I love it. and not just because I don’t have anything better to do!

5 thoughts on “the knitting tale of the fourteenth journal.

  1. Like Carole, I'm impressed with your journaling (but you knew that!). Yesterday I bought a cheap journal at Michaels to use for keeping track of quilting projects and fabric quantities. We'll see how that goes. And I want to start using the journal that I started last summer. Can't believe I stopped that!

  2. Another milestone reached and the journey documented. Congrats. For whatever reason/s you knitted less/more of this or that, life is good and the thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and feelings will be cherished. Just another slice of your "project life."Cheers~

  3. There's nothing quite like a finished journal! What a wonderful way to document . . . anything and everything.

  4. yea you! i think since a lot of the recent knitting has been lighter weight yarn it seems like less. i'm no where close to keeping this amount of detail on my knitting-some day though!

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