june. in photos.

…I wrote to my mom on saturday that I couldn’t believe the year was half over; 2012 is definitely going down in my books for being the fastest year. ever. and that’s making me just a bit sad because so far it’s been (mostly) filled with good stuff. the kind of stuff I’d like to last longer. but mostly I couldn’t remember where june had gone. and then when I uploaded saturday’s photo (#227 since I started last november 17), I caught a glimpse. and I remembered…

memories. captured. here’s the whole set.

…one of the things I love most about taking a photo to capture each day.

here’s june (slightly larger 🙂

you can see all the photos here

a month I want to remember for the changes it brought – love our new deck, my new workout routines and having katie & rob back in atlanta – and the constancy of the seasons. we’re full on into summer. complete with hot sunshine (and the occasional thunderstorm), bright blooms, sandals, cold cocktails and plenty of fresh vegetables.

6 thoughts on “june. in photos.

  1. i've always been more entranced by pictures vs words-that would explain the gazzillion photo albums i have! looking forward to a fun july-even with the heat.

  2. still envious about Lady Antebellum! (and i need to remember to ask for details in the early morning!)very excited about your new journey with pilates, etc.

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