FO friday!

…yep, fully deserving of an exclamation point! this week I finished a sweater and a hat (and all the preparation for tomorrow’s double knitting workshop*).

first up the sweater. it’s making waves by jamie thomas (aka “imagine knits“). I was thrilled to meet her at stitches south where she debuted the pattern…and get to try on her sample. honestly, if I hadn’t tried it on, I doubt I would’ve knit it since it’s very oversized (finished width is about 52″…for the small!). but I did, and I did. and I love it.

making waves
raveled here
making waves
thank you to my sister karen for the photos!

I knit it as written except that when I blocked it, I tried hard to add length and not width. I succeeded a little; my piece is about 23″ long and 50″ wide. It’s still very oversized and cropped, but it works.

I wore it again today and katie admired it. (she said it would be cute over a bikini…yeah she’s still in her 20’s!)

lunch at bistro vg
katie & mary – lunch at bistro vg

I do, however, think it will be a great layering piece for spring, summer and fall. I chose a gray/green/tan colorway that should look good with more than the white I’ve paired it with. I picture black and brown and – of course! – jeans. once the temperature dips back below 100 degrees đŸ™‚

226:365 charity hats.
raveled here (love that these are holly-approved too!)

and the hat. this is the seventh for my fifty for 50 and the second one in this pattern. I have a third planned for july (in the lighter gray but with the double buttons). this is the perfect pattern for my suburban car knitting. simple design, easy to figure out where I am…and light worsted yarn on size 7 needles means even 50 stitches knit from home to the grocery store makes noticeable progress.

*thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday’s post – I am happy to report that I now have 30 tiny balls of yarn wound and paired and color copies of all the handouts assembled. in other words, I’m ready!

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