216:365 crepe myrtle.


♥the crepe myrtle blooms in our yard (hot pink and pale purple so far). ♥ late evening light. ♥ la croix orange. ♥ big hoop earrings (with curly hair). ♥ katie & rob living close enough to come for dinner (and go home after). ♥ sara’s blog posts. and flickr feed. ♥ milton pilates (pilates, barre and zumba!). ♥ running my 3.6 mile route in 38 minutes (5 less than it took when I started running again back in april). ♥ lululemon (katie warned I’d get addicted. she was right. as usual). ♥ kirkland cotes du rhone ($6.99 a bottle is hard to beat). ♥ full knitting classes on sunday afternoon and monday evening. ♥ craftlit podcast. ♥ getting back to needlepoint.

what are you loving lately?

4 thoughts on “currently.

  1. I clicked on all your links and see that your daughter has a lovely blog too! What a beautiful picture of your crepe mrytle.

  2. sunshine and that i have a play (shopping) day on my own next week that i'm looking forward to. i've been planning it for several week.

  3. your photo of the crepe myrtle…mine's barley blooming; don't think it gets enough sun anymore…and days of leisure peppered with a little bit of necessity like laundry…

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