rock my run.

accompanying last friday’s run

…a slight deviation from carole’s “ten favorite workout songs” prompt, because I don’t have ten favorite workout songs right now. I am in desperate need of new running inspiration, though, so I’m excited to see what everyone shares.

for the past few years, my “workout” has consisted almost entirely of walks in the park, and I prefer those with only nature’s accompaniment (like holly barking at the squirrels) or good conversation with a friend. but I started running again in april and I love having upbeat music playing in my ears, especially to coax me up the hills. something hip hop or pop-y, with a quick beat, a catchy tune and lyrics that won’t make me blush. yeah, I don’t have that in my itunes library.

a few months ago I googled “running music mixes” and found rock my run. I’ve downloaded three mixes – all free (they give you one credit each month and the 30-60 minute mixes are just one credit; you can also purchase credits but I haven’t) – and I’m loving it! itunes thinks each mix is one long song, so I can’t skip around, but I’m hearing a lot of new songs…and it’s so easy! each mix has a target beats per minute and that helps me keep my pace…especially up the hills.

my three mixes are for the thrill of it, crush it and wanna be runnin’ something (which is all 80’s, but some is still new to me!). all very different. all very motivating. highly recommend.

if you’re a fan, too, I’d love to know your favorite mixes!

5 thoughts on “rock my run.

  1. Great info Mary! And glad to see you're running regularly! I've recently switched to walking more and running less…it's all about the change isn't it?

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