herb garden 2012.

…yet another sign there are just two of us living here this summer – and many nights it’s only me. this year’s herb garden fits into a single pot. (last year’s did too, but there was a bit more variety.)

197:365 herb garden 2012.
oregano, thyme and basil (and purple lantana in the pot behind)

I was glad the thyme and oregano came back, so all I had to do was add basil. and I since I have great plans (see #4 here) to make my own pesto, I planted two.

while I was at it, I also planted purple lantana in the other pots on the deck. and pink and white impatiens in the planters on the front porch and the mailbox.

summer, I’m ready for ya!

4 thoughts on “herb garden 2012.

  1. That's beautiful and useful, too. I haven't had good luck with basil the last couple of years but I'm going to try again because I love it so much.

  2. i'm real excited about my garden spot this year-so far 2-basils, orgegano and thyme (from the fall still doing well), 3 tomatoes, an eggplant and a cucumber. still need to do the containers for the front door and more basil on the back patio-these are on the "to do list"! happy friday.

  3. Yum! Good thing I love "vegetable" cocktails 😉 Maybe we can make pesto when I'm there! I love it with arugula and basil and greek yogurt – no olive oil!

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