vsco cam photo

…two dozen pink tulips, very artfully arranged (thank you katie & sara!)
…a new iphone (sara and I both upgraded to the 4s – woot!)
…a new iphone photo app (probably the best $0.99 cents I’ve spent in a very long time)
…time with both girls. home together for a week. (sara leaves for europe next monday and katie flies back to LA the next morning). sadly, marc leaves for asia tomorrow, so he has a lot less time to enjoy. but I love that he loves it all the same.

177:365 all home.
marc’s message friday evening after we picked up katie at the airport

6 thoughts on “enjoying.

  1. So exciting!!My daughter should have news this month to help her decide whether she'll be attending University of Glasgow this fall or next… we are on pins and needles.

  2. Such great things going on Mary! Wishing Sara a wonderful trip! And on the knitting front…I love that tunic! You wear it well!

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