FO friday.

…whoa, I knew it had been a while since I shared an FO post here, but I had no idea it was over three months (there was a post in early april that featured photos, but really, it was more about knitting than finished objects). so that’s 13 FOs and nearly 7,000 yards of yarn ago. whoa…

I did title this post FO (in the singular) friday, so you’ll have to visit my ravelry page to see the details on the other twelve. because this post is (mostly!) about element.

element finished.
raveled here

my third sweater in a row knit from shibui’s raw silk heichi.

and my first one from the heichi book (that’s the one I intend to knit my way through over the next few months – truly, every single piece is a must-have).

I knit the smallest size as written. which meant I had two sides to seam. those two seams and a dozen plus ends to weave in took up all my knitting time on tuesday. and made me forget why I’d made the decision to not convert it to be seamless.

element finished.

today when I wore it for the first time, I remembered. it was to give the body structure. it’s a tunic and I added a few inches to the length which  means I’m completely sitting on it when I sit (like driving, or knitting 🙂 and I was happy when I saw these photos, after three-ish hours of sitting…no sags! I love that seams are good for something. because they are definitely a pain to do!

the heichi yarn is lovely. the colors, the texture, how it softens once it’s blocked, I do love it. but it’s rough on my hands. so for my next few pieces, I’m going to use a different yarn. that swatch for trace worked great; I think the texture will be a nice mix with the simple lines of the tank. …more to come…

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