next up.

…I took a photo of my queue two weeks ago. just after I realized it had become a mess that was beyond cleaning up (and just before I pulled that page off the board and put up a blank one).  I wrote down the projects on my needles and those I was committed to doing (shop KAL and a monthly hat for charity). and starting thinking hard about what (else) to knit next. I talked with my sweater and lace students;  chatted a bit with theresa about what KAL we might do next at the shop. and today I finally committed it all to paper.

173:365 next up.
this is a “kind of” new approach for me in that I’m “kind of” planning separate queues for the different kinds of projects I knit. charity hats, sweaters, lace, KALs. you can see I haven’t quite figured out where baby projects fit – I hate to make another queue because I’ve got three babies coming up (which is a very fun thing, but also a good bit of knitting…and I only have so much knitting time). and I haven’t committed to knitting more socks (how convenient if I could finish this pair soon and replace that project with babies!)
so I was feeling pretty good about having all this “kind of” figured out. and feeling very good about not starting anything new til I finish something.
but I wanted to knit something new. swatching isn’t starting. right?!

swatching trace

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  1. 🙂 I have been a disappointing knitter lately – I am hoping you can help me finish and block the cowl, and start the cables… 🙂

  2. I like the idea of switching being research…maybe even extending it to casting on so when you have made more projects in the queue, you can 'start' the new piece. Sound like a plan?!Cheers~

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