delight of spring.

146:365 first rhodie bloom.
first bloom on our rhodie – about two weeks earlier than usual!

She had not known before how much the beginnings and progress of vegetation had delighted her. — What animation both of body and mind she had derived from watching the advance of that season which cannot, in spite of its capriciousness, be unlovely, and seeing its increasing beauties from the earliest flowers, in the warmest divisions of her aunt’s garden…
Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

of course it’s no secret how spring delights me. and this passage made me love jane austen all the more.

(yay! I finished the book! another fifty for 50 done!)

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  1. Ah, Jane! 🙂 I love the colors of spring. Every year, I am totally amazed (again!) at all the shades of green in nature. So. Many.

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