…and dreaming of knitting. feels like all I’ve been up to these past few weeks months (let’s be honest here, right?). these past few years have been a lot about about knitting, but now, it’s really all I want to do. I keep thinking there’s no way this level of obsession can last. that I’ll wake up one day and “knit” won’t be the thing I want to do most. yeah, there have been a few days like that – like when sara was home last month and we went for make-overs and lunch, or when katie was home back in february and we shopped for wedding dresses and checked out venues (full disclosure…I did a good bit of knitting that weekend…turns out there’s a lot of waiting time doing those things!) – but mostly, it’s all about knitting. and I think I should probably just go with it while it lasts.

of course all this knitting means I haven’t taken time to blog about it. I do think about it though. last week I had a “finished friday” all planned out in my head to share meadowlark.

meadowlark finished
raveled here (with more photos)

I’m sure I also thought about blogging ella (but only briefly, since I finished her back in march…on a saturday, and I was quickly onto other things).

ella modeled
raveled here (with more photos)

like francis.

knitting francis
this photo was from last sunday – I finished that half on monday and am now just a few rows from finishing the 2nd half

and figuring out what I wanted to knit next.

143:365 today's knitting plan.
my board as of this past saturday

whoa. that “next up” list has been through a lot in just six weeks! my lenten yarn-buying fast ended yesterday, but I’m not going to settle on (or buy yarn for) my next project until francis is done (today or tomorrow, I think).

I wonder if my choice will still be ada?

dreaming of ada
from the same book as francis and by the same designer. love the heichi in hydrant and the silk cloud (for that little bit peeking out the bottom front) in watermelon

5 thoughts on “knitting.

  1. Beautiful projects! Thinking about "what-to-knit-next" is heavy on my mind right now, too. I think it must be the changing of the seasons? Or, at least, that's the story I'm sticking with!

  2. all so pretty! love the watermelon colors! can't wait to knit with you in may 🙂 i may need a cables lesson!

  3. Such pretty FO's! I seem to knit the same way – right now I'm in a lull and I am hoping I will be inspired to pick up the needles and finish what I need to soon.

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