hello april.

from the park this morning

…green leaves, sunshine and a morning walk with holly never fails to make me smile. I needed it this morning after discovering a very wet carpet inside my basement door…and a very wet brick wall outside that door.

marc was able to arrange for a contractor to come over this afternoon. and while my grand plans for today – it’s spring break for public schools this week and my calendar is uncharacteristically free! – have been dashed, I’m hoping to make up the lost time later this week.

because it’s a new month. a new project. another trip with my sister to see my parents. sweater knitting. new fitness routines. doctors’ visits (just checking up). and hopefully plenty of green and a lot more sunshine!

celebrating the end of march madness, my friend kym needs our help to decide her bracket winner (no worries, it’s not about kentucky vs kansas!) visit her blog and leave a comment to vote on the winner (and mention me – we’ll both be entered to win a cool prize!).

6 thoughts on “hello april.

  1. Bummer. That is not a good way to return home from a trip. I voted at Kym's site so hopefully we will win. I hope this comment makes it to you, lately it hasn't been accepting them.

  2. Wet basement…no fun! Hope the problem is readily ID'd and fixed. Love the early AM photo and I'm sure your plans will get back on track. I, too, am quite happy April is here!Cheers~

  3. Oh, no. I hate . . . unexpected wetness of any kind. Hope your problem is solved right away. (What a beautiful view from the park!) Happy April!

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